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Elena Ulko

Professional Licenced Tour Guide

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188640 Vsevolozhsk Russia

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Theatres and culture

To book one of the Folk-Shows listed below please contact me.
  • Folk-Show “Feel Yourself Russian”
    The Nikolaevsky Palace
    Truda Square, 4
    The Nikolaevsky Palace is a pearl of the architecture of St-Petersburg. Every day there is a folklore show on its stage. Guests will have a ceremonial meeting at the parade staircase accompanied by tender music performed by string quartet. At the foyer you can see the exhibition of folk trade works.
    Guests will see Russian exotic show - the performance of folklore groups of our city - the Cossack company "Maidan", the Russian folk instrument quartet "Russian color", dancing company "Petersburg stars", the company "Souvenier". Gay and lyrical dances, original Russian songs will help to learn Russian soul. These wonderful companies of different genre performers will mare you to forget about everything during one and a half an hour.
    During the interval guests will be suggested to have a rest with ancient music. Russian refreshments with vodka, champagne, red and black caviar will wait for you.
    The show starts at 18:30 and 21:00, lasts 2 hours.

  • Cabaret-Theatre of “Astoria” club

    Club “Astoria”
    Malaya Morskaya, 20

    Show-program, made by the choreograph Edvald Smirnov, takes place in a cozy hall of "Astoria" Club, that contains 85 people. Charming girls, beautiful costumes and wonderful cuisine of «Astoria» club restaurant add brilliant show.
    The program starts at 9-00 p.m.
    Duration: two parts, 40 minutes each, 15-minute interval.
    The program ends at 10-35 p.m.

  • Folk-Show “The Lights of Saint-Petersburg”

    "Saint-Petersburg" Hotel
    Pirogovskaya embankment, 5/2

    The company "The Lights of Saint-Petersburg" is young but very careful about Russian national culture. In folk are there are the sources of deep art understanding of our life, aesthetic values of people.
    Russian folk art according to its rich and different genres is a unique one in the world history of art culture. The repertoire of the company consists of different kinds of songs: traditional, wedding, round dance, game, dancing, funny. Dances and songs of different Russian peoples are in the program: lyrical melodies of Russian North, fire dances of Cossacks from Don and Voronezh, folklore of Siberia and the Urals. There is also folklore of other peoples.
    Musical and dancing performance is held under alive accompaniment of the folk instrument orchestra.
    The performance lasts 1 hour 45 minutes. Lunch during the break.

  • Folk-Show at “Sovetskaya” Hotel

    The restaurant of "Sovetskaya" Hotel
    Lermontovsky prospect, 43/1

    Show-program "FOLK SHOW in "SOVETSKAYA" produced by the choreograph Alexander Mukienko, who is the leading soloist of the company. Show-program takes place at "Sovetsky" Restaurant of "Sovetskaya" Hotel and contains up to 450 people.
    Colorful costumes and decorations, made in the workshops of Mariinsky Theatre, show the history of our people brightly.
    The program also contains Ukrainian and Gypsy performances.
    During the performance there is not only lunch, but also a traditional Russian dinner as such.
    Show-program takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
    Start at 7-00 p.m. Duration: two parts, 35 minutes each, 10-minute break. End at 20-20 p.m.

  • Folk-Show “Petersburg mosaic”

    The Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace
    Nevsky prospect, 41
    Guests of the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace will have the opportunity to see the colorful performance of the theatre of music and dancing "Petersburg mosaic". The theatre consists of the Saint-Petersburg concert orchestra and choreographic company. The music group has a classical structure of the folk instrument orchestra; formed in Russia in XIX century and all musicians are virtuoso soloists.
    The repertoire of the company consists of Russian folk dances: " The Siberian Lyrical Dance", "The Cossack Dance", "The Round Dance with Shawls", "Overdance", "Kalinka" and others. The dances of other nationalities are also presented: the Ukrainian dance "Polzunets", the Caucasian dance " The Shepherds", "The Georgian Classical dance", " The Gypsy dance", " The Jewish dance", the famous Greek dance "Sirtaki".
    The theatre tends to show the difference of culture and life of peoples in the world and bring its contribution into the development of multinational folklore art of Russia.
    The performance starts with the meeting of guests at the parade staircase of the palace in the form of fancy-dress show-performance. Chamber symphony orchestra plays. In the program:
    folklore show in two acts, in the break - lunch, seeing of parade halls of
    the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace.

  • Folk-Show in the Anichkov Palace

    The Anichkov Palace, Concert Hall "Carnival"
    Nevsky Prospect, 39

    Professional folklore groups well-known in many countries of the world give performances in a Concert Hall "Carnival". The number of people performing at the stage of a Concert Hall "Carnival" is about 70-100 members including dancers, singers and musicians. By means of music, dancing and singing they will introduce you to treasure of national Russian art and Russian cultural traditions. You will hear popular folk songs: "Katiusha", "Kalinka" and many others. The dancing group will whirl you in the circle of Russian folk dances. You will dip into unforgettable and mysterious atmosphere of Russian holiday!
    Each program consists of two parts 45 minutes long. During 15-minute break guests will be suggested lunch with vodka, caviar and champagne.

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